VERANSTALTUNGEN: The dictatorship of feeling

The dictatorship of feeling

2019-4-16 19:00


The dictatorship of feeling

CATHERINE MILLET, MARIA STERN UND ROBERT PFALLER diskutieren zum Thema: "The dictatorship of feeling"

"I want to tackle, with a few precise examples, the issue of "processes without appeal" that the #metoo campaign has caused in the social networks. But I also want to bring up the condemnations, some of which have been pronounced on the highest level of European authorities, and which in a dangerous way limit the freedom of expression in the name of "sensitivities", in particular religious ones, that one has to respect. Somehow, democracy falls ill of itself." (Catherine Millet)

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Veranstaltungsort: AULA x space Georgigasse 85a 8020 Graz

Einlass ab: 2019-4-16 16:30

Beginn: 2019-4-16 19:00

Bis: 2019-4-16 20:00

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